My Journey

Throughout my working life, I held a number of jobs that were stressful. I was always tired. My depression and anxiety were up and down like roller coasters! So in 2015 my super supportive husband and I started to save up as much money as we could so that I could quit my job and focus on getting certified as a nutrition coach. We did it! However, my health got worse.

While studying, I started to learn about food sensitivities and was alarmed to see that I had so many symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome. That led me to want to get help. It still took me awhile to fork out the money to go to a recommended naturopathic doctor. Once I did, he confirmed I had Leaky Gut Syndrome. To be brief, things like food particles and more leaks out from my small intestine into my bloodstream which triggers my immune system to fight against those things that aren’t supposed to be there. Since this condition is the cause of something else, I had to take a few tests to find out what was causing my gut to leak.

During the process of waiting to hear the results, I was prepared to cut foods out of my diet as long as it wasn’t eggs! Who doesn’t love brunch with a good eggs benedict or disrupting a classic dish by throwing an egg on it? I ended up learning I have always been allergic to 5 foods: corn, soy, dairy, wheat and you guessed it…eggs! How sad is that? I felt mad at God for taking away things I loved even though I knew these things actually made me sick. I was also grieving the loss of foods and didn’t realize it until my mentor pointed it out. It was so hard to change my lifestyle basically overnight! Overtime, I have come to accept my new normal and have learned SO much! I can already see how God has worked out my suffering for good by learning how to help others who go through the same things.

I am still learning how to navigate my allergy free world from eating out to cooking at home. Can you imagine baking without eggs, dairy, corn or wheat? It’s a battle, but I am convinced that I’m making better food choices that are benefitting my body. I can see how God has created food to help us, heal us and for us to enjoy. This whole journey has been a learning process and I hope the learning never stops!

I want to use this site to help others understand how food can be helpful to our bodies. My hope is that you are able to share some new information with others around you so more people will learn the connection between what they eat and how they feel. Enjoy!